Friday, April 23, 2010

A Second Life

In A Second Life there is a good point broughten up that there is a lot that people can learn through this type of technology however, before people can learn they need to know how to use the program. This video talked about what is the best way to educate these people so that it is still fun. They tried many different types of hand outs but these didn't work because people just didn't look at them. They just kind of threw them to the side. So they have decided to teach people using a virtual walkway. On the walkway their are arrow keys and instructions. There are walls around the walk way so that people cannot stray away from the orientation, they must complete the tasks. I thought it was pretty interesting how in depth they had to go, just to get people to start using the program. This didn't even include the whole making of Second Life, just the orientation.

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  1. I didn't have you watch this to necessarily say SL is appropriate for everyone to use personally or with students. I think it's important to know about virtual worlds, however, and what's being done now because things are just going to get more advanced. Open Sim - Open Learning is a preso that gives more info about a non-SL example of a virtual world environment.