Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I visited the website 123people talked about by joyce in her video. It was a good sight, easy to use, and I learned about my digital footprint. The sight was easy to navigate. All you have to do on this sight is type in a name and city and you get the information that you need.

If I only had an app..

The wizzard of app was a video with a lot of information. The way they made it into the story of the wizard of oz made it fun to watch, however it was very long and got a little boring. It was neat to me that they talked about some of the things we have been learning about in class such as flicker and voice thread. Another thing I found interesting was the people search. I definitely need to get on one of those sights and check out my digital footprint! Overall I thought the video was very informative. Some of the information was a little over my head, but I thought it was very well done.


this is the story of an everyday game of pickleball

Monday, February 15, 2010


I just watched to video about digital citizenship. This video addressed many issues such as internet safety, texting while driving, and other school related issues. One thing I didn't like about this video was that it was hard to understand what the students were saying. Some of the kids have funny accents and the sound wasn't very good. This video did have good info though. The first section over texting while driving was scary. I definitely text while I drive and didn't realize how dangerous it was. It makes me rethink texting and driving in the future.

Project Learning

The students in the Project learning video are getting opportunities that many students will never have. The students are getting to make cars and robots, which is just crazy to me. What these students are doing in grade school, I wouldn't even have a clue about now as a college student. I think it's great that these kids are getting these opportunities and really taking advantage of them. It would be nice if more schools had this approach to education. I think that many students would benefit.

Blogging Buddies

The video about blogging buddies was very interesting. I liked the whole idea of have a blogging buddy. Not only is it good experience for an older student to proof the younger students work, but the little kids think it's "cool" to have older friends. The young students get to practice writing while the older students experience working with kids, and proof reading. Neat idea!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I was impressed by Nafiza, who was a young girl in a video we watched in class. She had joined this technology group. During the group she had not only learned a lot about technology, but had also learned leadership skills as she became an older member of the group. I admire people like Nafiza because they have skills and talents, such as technology, that are different than mine.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A week inside Kiwi Junior Classroom

The blog that I watched today was about a week inside the kiwi junior classroom. At first I thought the video was really creepy. I didn't like the cartoon lady talking at the beginning. After that the video got a little more interesting. The teacher talked about how they use technology in their classroom. I thought it was really cool because these kids are learning things at a young that I might never know. The things they are learning in class they can take with them and use the rest of their lives. The teacher showed how she uses technology in any subject which I appreciated. Being a physical education major my favorite part of the movie was when they went over fitness. I have wondered how I would apply this technology in a physical education environment so it was interesting to see how she used it.


I thought the video about Luis was really cute. It was adorable how Luis used technology to help his parents and to bond with his little brother. I liked this video because Luis seemed like a normal guy who used technology to keep in touch with friends. I also thought it was interesting that Luis had parents that were immigrants and he could use youtube to look up spanish soap operas for them.